How to make a cover letter for a company, models and examples

Know how to write a company presentation letter It is essential for you when you are in the middle of the job search, since it will be the document that you will attach to your curriculum vitae, therefore if you pay attention to the writing and structure of your CV you should also pay the same attention to this type of letter.

Therefore you should read below the best way to write this letter, which is essential to present it when you are looking for a job …

How to write a business cover letter

As you read earlier the company presentation letter It is a document that you should pay attention to in terms of its writing because other than that you will attach it to your curriculum vitae, when it is received by the Human Resources department it is the first thing the recruiter will read, because it is the document that will be presented to that company to which you aspire to enter and fill the vacant job position.

For this reason, with a professional cover letter model, your chances of having your application taken into account in the selection process are expanded.

  1. You should know that it is a type of letter that works like your personal card in which you highlight not only professional aspects but also personal aspects that you have not included in your curriculum vitae.
  2. Well, you must include your motivation to have presented your curriculum vitae in the selection of personnel and you will specify why you think you are the ideal person for the company to hire you.
  3. In other words, it is a document in which you express your enthusiasm for filling that job vacancy in order to carry out with optimism and responsibility the functions that correspond to that job position.
  4. Through the cover letter you expose your personal appearance, your enthusiasm and your professional character that you have not included in your CV, so everything you expose will depend on whether you access that vacancy.

The structure of a company’s cover letter

So that the structure of the letter of presentation of a company be attractive and professional should be divided as follows:

  1. Instead of including personal information on the resume, include it in the cover letter, always remembering to offer not just one but several ways for them to contact you with your full name.
  2. Do not ignore the information about who you will address the letter to, but if you cannot find out who will receive the letter, you can address it to: Dear Sir / Madam or To the attention of the Director of the Human Resources Department.
  3. It is very important that you explain in all the details why you are applying for the job.

Taking care of your style, you will explain what your knowledge is about the sector of that vacant job position in the company and you will even comment on what you will contribute based on that knowledge that you have acquired.

Remember that in the event that you respond to an ad, you must mention it, otherwise you will apply your creativity to imply the reason why you are presenting yourself as a candidate.

  1. When explaining your knowledge you should pay attention not to reiterate what you have already included in your CV, emphasize what you consider to be your virtues and emphasizing those that you can best apply and perform. Include your experience and achievements in a similar position that you have held.
  2. Always keep a formal wording throughout the letter and present yourself as a person with the flexibility to accept changes.
  3. You will reach the end of the letter and avoid a traditional farewell, on the contrary, say goodbye by formally requesting a personal interview to continue explaining your motivations and knowledge.

Well, you should always focus on the surprise factor, and say that whoever receives and reads your letter will be surprised due to your power of conviction and exposure.

The recruiter must be impressed by your knowledge about the company and its activity, by the way in which you are offering your services and the type of person you are and therefore will feel certain that you are the person the company is looking for.

How to make and example of a short cover letter

If you want to make a short cover letter write it following this structure:

  1. Begin the letter by removing the letterhead and date. Just start it with a cordial greeting.
  2. Break the ice with an introduction in which you will explain why you are opting for that job position and the reasons why you think you are the ideal person to fill the vacancy and that the recruiter will interview you again, for example:

I am writing to you with the purpose of informing my motivation to be part of your company.

In the body of the short letter you will synthesize your skills without informing the courses you have taken or your degrees, but you will state, for example, your ability to work as a team, your responsibility to carry out the tasks that correspond to your sector, etc.

The farewell will also be short but with an emphasis on a second personal interview.

Cover letter example 01

Other cover letter example, For you to take into account and for you to take it as an idea and replace your qualities is the following if you are not responding to an ad:

Place and date (on the right)

On the left Company name


Locality, country

Dear Mr. / Mr. from the Human Resources Department:

I am pleased to write to you with the aim of attaching my curriculum vitae so that you can include me in the database and take me into account when a vacancy occurs.

I have the knowledge and experience to develop technical activities in addition to handling advanced English and computer tools.

I believe that I can be part of the company because I am a proactive person with the ability to be part of a teamwork whose work is fundamentally based on achieving the goals that the company has proposed.

Thanking you for your attention, I await your comments and take the opportunity to greet you very cordially.

How to make and example of a company presentation letter to offer services

A company presentation letter to offer services It is important when opening a new business and standing out from your competition thanks to the services you offer.

  1. You must write it with a formal and respectful, simple and clear language.
  2. You must include complete information about the services you offer with the contact information, for example:

City, month, day, year

Company name

Company address

Company phone

Company website

Mr. First and last name

Job title

Dear Mr….:

Receive a cordial greeting from (your company). This letter is motivated by our presentation to your company as suppliers of (items or services offered by your company)

We are a company that operates from (make the presentation of the beginnings of your company) Our company has (highlight the best conditions of your services including the guarantee you offer)

I offer you the possibility of viewing our catalog by entering our website so that you can appreciate the variety of services that our company offers and can place orders online or contact customer service (telephone and opening hours)

We remain at your service to attend to your requests.


Your name

Your job title.

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