How to know if a company or company name is registered

That you learn how to know if a name is registered It is essential when you have thought about starting your business, because you created a name with the intention of becoming your commercial brand.

However, you know that in any country in the world the name of trademarks cannot be repeated, therefore before making a final decision you must check that it is not previously registered, since if that name you thought was registered, you will need rethinking a different name or at least having other alternative names in mind so as not to waste time, but …

How to know if a name is registered in Mexico

  1. To resolve how to know if a name is registered in Mexico and that the concession of your trademark is not denied, you can check it online by going to
  2. You will find a link that directs you directly to the Mexican brand locator.
  3. Click on the brand locator and you will know if the name for your brand is already registered.
  4. Since you will only find identities, then contact an industrial property agent to find out if there are brand names that are similar to the one you chose, since in the event that there is a similar brand, they will not grant you registration.

how to know if a name is registered

Registration of a trademark in Mexico

For the registration of a trademark in Mexico:

  1. It investigates the prohibitions for the registration of a trademark according to article 4 and 90 of the intellectual property law.
  2. You must be a moral or physical person.
  3. Go to
  4. Complete the registration application with all the requirements that are requested at that time and enter the application for registration.
  5. Request the capture and pay online.

How to know if a name is registered in Spain

If you want to solve easy how to know if a name is registered In Spain, keep in mind that OEMP is the Spanish entity that gathers all the information regarding technology and trade, including models, patents, drawings, brands and designs, then follow this procedure:

Step 1: Check with the patent office if the trade name you chose has not been previously registered.

Step 2: Have your electronic ID or a digital certificate with you.

Step 3: Go to the OEMP and access the telematics application to complete the form with your personal data, commercial name and the services or activities that you will carry out under that name.

Step 4: Pay the application fee, you will pay it online with a 15% discount.

Step 5: Wait for the response from the OEMP which is usually quick or takes 12 months.

How to know if a name is registered: Aspects to consider

  1. The business name you choose does not need to match the business name.
  2. You can register different trade names for each sector with different activity.
  3. The registration of the commercial name in the OEMP has a cost of 154.38 euros with a 15% discount if you register it online.
  4. The commercial name must not incur the prohibitions indicated by law such as the use of the coat of arms of the province or of an autonomy.

How to know if a name is registered in Mexico

Your problem about How to know if a name is registered in Mexico it is resolved knowing that the Mexican institute of industrial property, IMPI made MERCANET available as a consultation service as an electronic tool for consulting trade names, notices, brands and files.

  1. In Check the availability of a trademark you can check if a trademark is already registered or search by file when you have already registered your trademark.
  2. Well, you can also search by registration number or by international registration number.
  3. The Classifier of products and services is a tool that helps you protect services and products as protection of your commercial notices and brands in accordance with the international classification of services and products.

Check company name

Checking the company name is easy, since like any other country, in Mexico and in Spain There are trademark and patent entities for registering a trademark with an online tool so that you can check if the name you have chosen is already registered or free so that you can use it for your business.

How do I know if a trademark, patent or design is already registered?

In Spain, on the official site of the OEMP You can check if a trademark, patent or design is already registered, because when you enter its page you will find each of the tabs referring to your query.

Just click on the tab that answers your question and you will solve all your doubts.

  1. You can protect names and trademarks, industrial designs, industrial inventions, topographies of semiconductor products.
  2. In the Trademarks and trade names tab you can make your query about the registered or requested signs. You can search by file number, do a simple search or an advanced search.
  3. Check that the name you want to register is not protected before submitting your application.
  4. Use the free OEMP database.
  5. Go to the official website of the OEMP to learn about the application payment service.

In short, the OEMP, is the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office which functions as an autonomous body of the general administration of the state that provides legal protection through the granting of patents, industrial designs and trademarks and trade names as distinctive signs.

In turn, the OEM, in an international way, represents Spain before international organizations and forums in charge of industrial and intellectual property.

In this way, it grants the industrial property titles after examining the applications.

In Mexico, MARCANET, is the free tool of the institute of industrial property where you can make all your queries about existing trade names, notices, brands and files.

You can search by month of receipt, by name or by logo, anyway when searching by brand, it will return various data such as whether it is nominative or mixed and whether or not it has a registered logo.

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