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How to Identify a Profitable Market Niche

If you are planning start an internet sales business seeking to satisfy the needs of a market niche underserved, you may be on the fast track to success. A market niche it is simply a group of people with similar interests looking for a solution to the same problem. Why are people with similar interests the best target market?


Let’s say you are interested in sell online through your own store on-lineto people who are interested in making seashell jewelry, for example. If that’s the case, you have a target market which is easy to find. There are forums, ezines, blogs, all of these about people interested in making jewelry using seashells. Sure it’s a small market, but an easy target. Here is why:
  • You can easily and accurately define this market.
  • You can find out exactly what websites seashell jewelry makers visit to find tips, advice, and products.
  • You can find forums, blogs and social networks where people interested in this market meet online.
  • You can find out what keywords they use to describe the problems they are having or things they would like to do.
  • It’s a market niche enough for you to open your Online store and perform an online internet sales business, but not too big to attract big competitors.

… And this means that you can really make a profit by selling something to them!

There are people who have started an internet sales business, his own online store, selling products for a market similar to the previous example and that have been very successful. The key is to identify a small segment of the market of people interested in a common issue; identify the products to sell to this little one market niche and apply online marketing techniques. The most important point is to identify the appropriate market niche, small enough so that the competition is not very strong, yet enough to be able to carry out a profitable business.

The best way to search internet sales business ideas and identify a niche of market They are the different social networking websites, forums and groups where people tend to hang out, meet people with common interests and talk about their different activities, their tastes, hobbies, etc.

If you’re interested in researching about, for example, the comic book industry, find out where shoppers often come online to share, chat, and hang out with other colleagues interested in comic book collections.

When you visit any of these types of interactive sites, listen to what people are saying. Find out what they like, what they don’t like, and what they are looking for. People regularly visit these websites to seek advice and exchange information. By analyzing these debates, you will begin to notice that certain issues appear over and over again.

This is a great way to locate internet sales business ideas as possible products or services to offer in a Online store. If you see the same questions or concerns repeated on a blog, forum, friend-making website, there are possibly hundreds, possibly thousands, of other people out there with the same questions, and so you will find its small but profitable niche market.

Starting an internet sales business targeting a well identified, not very large but profitable niche market is one way for you to make money!

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