How to Handle Negative Comments Within Social Networks

The basic principle of social networks is the social aspect. That implies that a lot of people are continually talking about many things. This can be a great help for your business, because today consumers have the power to spread the word very easily with a simple click, updating their status, or making a Tweet.

Negative Comments Within Social Networks

But there is also a dark side to social networks. Sometimes disgruntled former customers post negative comments about your business on social media. In some cases, they will do it directly on your Facebook or Twitter page, in such a way that all your fans and followers see it.

With this in mind, I have decided to share with you some things you can do to handle negative comments within social networks.

1.- Apologize

When a customer or follower goes to the trouble to leave a negative comment about your business on social media, it’s a sign that something is wrong. This is something that is not always your fault, but could be a simple mistake on the part of the client, misinformation, or even that the latter just had a bad day. Apologizing will allow you to make that customer feel that you are taking them seriously, and that you are not ignoring them. You do not have to apologize for having done something wrong, or make any statement that could play against you later from a legal point of view. You just have to show a little empathy.

2.- Try to Identify the Cause of the Problem

Try to figure out what the customer is asking for. Are you unhappy with the product? Is the product not what he expected? The product does not work? If the product does not work, you definitely know what to do.

3.- Collect Complaints And Try To Give A Solution

There are many cases where the product does not work due to errors on the part of the user. When this happens, the ideal is to take the time to patiently explain to the customer how to use the product correctly, until the latter is satisfied. Now it also happens that in some cases, the only possible solution is to return the money. Remember, it is better to lose a few dollars, than a customer.

4.- Address the Concerns of Other Users

One of the most important things to keep in mind, especially when interacting within social networks, is that everyone can see what you are doing. This means that other clients and other potential clients will be paying attention to what you will do when a client is not happy with the delivered product or service. Sometimes, other fans or followers will enter the discussion, either with the aim of echoing the complaint, or providing some ideas to solve the problem. In these cases, it is always very important to take these contributions into account.

5.- Acknowledge The Comments You Should Not Address

In some very rare cases, some competitors, frequently posing as a customer, will make complaints and negative comments about your product or service on social media. In other cases, it may be a disgruntled employee, trying to disparage your product or service, in order to make you look bad. If a customer immediately rejects your apology or your offer of help, it is very likely that it will not come to fruition. The best solution is to thank them for their opinions and comments, and let them know that they can contact you directly, to solve the problem (This way you will know immediately if it is a real client or just an idiot who wants to make you look bad).

6.- Some Comments You Only Have to Ignore or Delete Them

Comments that are too vulgar or provocative should simply be deleted if possible or else just ignore them. Spending your time trying to reason with someone who is willing to post these types of comments is a waste of time. Consider adding a comment moderation policy on your Facebook page, or else just delete those comments. Just go ahead and focus on the comments and interactions within social media that really benefit your business.

Even a negative comment within social networks can be beneficial to help you promote your business and demonstrate your ethics and commitment to customer service, because your good behavior will be seen by all other customers and potential customers within the social media.

I sincerely hope that these little tips for handling negative comments within social networks will be useful to improve your presence and reputation online.

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