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How to get links from bloggers?

For an SEO practitioner, links are essential.

And the value of its importance can be measured by the position in the ranking of the search engine results website. If the link building strategy is done and these are successful, if they have been implemented in the proper way, a high rank is obtained as a result.

A slow but continuous flow of links to your blog or site has to become the most natural and legitimate strategy. Obtaining hundreds of these in a single day, especially if these links are coming from some sites, makes the effort look less natural.get links from bloggers

Blogging and blog commenting are effective ways to get links to your site. But you have to find reputable and high ranking blogs in your field so they will have more value in the eyes of search engines.

How do you find these valuable links that are ideal to link to, hence the goal of this effort? There are probably hundreds of blogs in your niche field, but finding the right ones can be more of a challenge.

– Find active bloggers and also so-called “influencers” or those with a large number of followers. Have a good research on these and you will find the answer.

– Look at professionals in your related field, or authorities or experts. These are the ideal people for the bond.

– Have a good summary of your clients or the active people in your group or organization. These people can be the good ones for links.

– If you join web forums, you may have a list of people who can be a prospect in your link building strategy. Some of these people may be active or credible and well establish the bond.

How to request links from these people can be a concern that you have to deal with. There are ways to address these concerns, such as:

– Once you find the reputable blog or site that is worth the relationship, make comments that can add value to your site as well. Offer them something of value and do it regularly to achieve authority.

– Make a strong call to action in order to motivate more to make endorsements towards the link.

– Make a blog post and update it more frequently to give credibility and authority. They make it a give and take system in which the link to your site or blog is always showing.