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How To Create Effective Marketing Campaigns Within Twitter

Tus140 An Excellent Way To Make Money With Twitter

Two years ago I wrote an article on how to make money with Twitter, however at that time there were no services in Spanish that would allow you to do so. That is why I want to tell you a little about a new platform called, created recently this year 2012 (They are still in Beta).


This platform brings together both advertisers and Twitter users in one place to create effective marketing campaigns within Twitter.

I am going to dedicate this article exclusively to show you a little, how this platform works from the point of view of the Twitter users, and then (in another article) I will tell you how it works from the point of view of the advertisers.

How to Register In Tus140

Register, and get a account as editor or Twitter, It is very simple. You just have to have a minimum of 100 followers and at least 30 tweets published during the last 2 months. If you meet these requirements, you only have to fill out the registration form.


Then once you have signed up, you can go to your control panel and add your or your Twitter accounts. In section “Account”


You can add all the Twitter accounts you want, now if you are someone famous, or someone who manages the Twitter accounts of celebrities, you can ask to be included in the VIP area. To do this, you must contact the Tus140 team directly.

The Price Of Your Tweets

The Tus140 algorithm will automatically calculate the CPT (Cost per Tweet), which is an approximate amount of what you could earn for each sponsored Tweet you post on your Twitter account. To make this calculation, the Tus140 algorithm takes several things into consideration such as the number of followers, the number of retweets of your updates, etc. So if you are very active on Twitter there are more chances that you will get a better CPT.

Payments to Editors and Twitter users

Tus140 makes payments via Paypal upon reaching the threshold of $ 25 Euros, which is a great advantage for those of us who work within this industry (Personally, this is what I like the most).

My Personal Opinion About Tus140

Personally, I think it is a platform that has a lot of potential as it is 100% in Spanish. It is a great alternative to monetize our Twitter accounts, especially for those of us who work within this internet industry.

The only thing I did not like about this platform, unlike SpornsoredTweets, is that Tus140 does not allow you to edit sponsored Tweets, that is, the advertiser is the one who always decides what he wants to place in the Tweet. Although it still gives you the option to moderate them, so that you choose what to publish or not.


So far as an editor I have only received one offer (which I did not accept), however it is seen as a very promising alternative. If I have positive results, I will probably publish some articles showing those results.

On the other hand, I am very interested in doing some experiments with some CPA campaigns using this platform as an advertiser … But then I’ll tell you.

Effective Marketing Campaigns Within Twitter

We continue talking about Tus140, this platform allows you to mount marketing campaigns within Twitter as an advertiser, and allows you to earn money as a Twitter user.

It remains to see and tell you a little about this platform from the point of view of advertisers, and how we can create effective marketing campaigns within Twitter using this excellent platform.

How To Register As An Advertiser In Tus140

The registration process as an advertiser (as well as as an editor) is very simple, and you just have to fill out the registration form with all your information, such as name, your passport number, email, password, country, etc.


After this, you are already registered as an advertiser, and you can start creating marketing campaigns within Twitter.

How To Create Your First Twitter Marketing Campaign

Like the registration process, creating a marketing campaign using this platform is very simple. Personally, I divide it into two simple steps.

Step 1: Load Funds To Your Account

Once you have registered, you must access your administration panel as an advertiser, and add funds to your account, by clicking on the “Deposit Funds” option.


Then, you simply enter the amount of money (in Euros) that you want to load to your account, and click on the “Pay” button.


You must bear in mind that you can only load balance in your account with your credit card, or Paypal (it is a pity that they do not include the bank deposit method). And you must charge at least $ 25 Euros to be able to create a campaign.

Step 2: Create a Sponsored Tweet

Once you have a balance in your account, you can create your first Tweet or campaign, which is a very intuitive process. Within your control panel you can click on “Create Tweet”.

Then you will see a great list of Twitteros where you can publish your “Sponsored Tweet”. You can choose the one you want by clicking the “Create Tweet” button, or you can choose a category like “Finance” (from this example) to further segment the type of Twitter user where you can publish your sponsored Tweet.


Then you just have to write the text of the Tweet, and write the destination URL. In this example, I created a Quick Tweet just to show you how it’s done.


It would also be quite good to choose the time, date and time you want the Tweet to be published, basically to get better results with the campaign. Then you just have to click on the “Send Tweet” button.

Now, you should also bear in mind that many of the Twitter users are going to moderate the Sponsored Tweet (although not all of them do), so the ideal is that your campaign sounds like a normal interaction within the community, although it will always be accompanied by the # Publish in the content.

Does Tus140 Have Potential As A Marketing Tool?

Personally, I think so. Although at the moment, I do not see in it, the most influential Twitter accounts. Without going any further, it still does not exceed 1000 registered Twitter users where you could put your Partrocinated Tweets. The vast majority of Twitter accounts, especially in the finance category, are Marketers.

In the next few weeks I am going to do some experiments with this platform, to see what ROI I can get with a campaign on Twitter. I anticipate that I am going to use some CPA (affiliate marketing) offers, and I am going to post the results on this blog.

Create Effective Marketing Campaigns On Twitter With Tus140