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How to contact Directv customer service

If you have problems and need to contact Directv customer service You have the option of communicating to an 800, but depending on the question you need to ask a representative, there are several ways to communicate, do you want to know them? Keep reading…

Ways to contact Directv customer service

The ways to contact Directv customer service are as follows:

  1. First you can contact him 800-531-5000.
  2. If you need help with billing, if you want to order movies, for questions about the events pay per view, update the programming or about your DVR, you can solve your problem by visiting the answer center, as you will find them by entering
  3. At you will find a search engine so you can write your question.
  4. If you need technical support you can visit the directv technical support forum. If you can’t find a question similar to yours in some of the started threads, click Ask a question and write it so that a user in the community can answer you.
  5. In addition, instead of calling by phone or contacting online, you can send directv an email in Spanish and the technical customer service team will respond to you within 24 hours.
  6. In Spanish you can choose to chat with a representative.
  7. By calling 800-521-5000 you can receive a billing response, order movies, and update receivers.
  8. Keep in mind that the general support will attend you every day of the week and of the year from 8:00 a.m. at 12:00 a.m. ET, while technical support is at your disposal to attend to your problems 24 hours a day.
  9. If you use the telecommunications relay service, you can call 800-531-5000.
  10. You can also contact an agent every day from 8 a.m. at 12 am. ET. By calling 855-838-4388.
  11. If you need to contact directv for your business you can contact a directv business specialist by calling 1-888-303-9117.

You will see a menu where you can write your question, then fill in your account information and you will log in with your username and password. If you have not registered yet, you can do so at that precise moment, by clicking on Create account.

The general support service will attend you every day from 8am. At 12am and the technical support service can assist you 24 hours a day.

Remember that if you use TYRS you must contact 800-531-5000. At this same telephone number you will be able to answer questions about ordering movies, updating your servers and about billing.

Directv customer service

  1. You can contact Directv customer service by calling 800-531-5000 or to 844-311-4655.
  2. Entering You will find quick solutions to connect your Genie or DVR to the internet, just click on the question and you will find the answer to your problem.
  3. You will also find a quick answer to recover the access identification with your password if you have forgotten it.
  4. If you don’t know how to program your directv remote control, click on this question and you will receive instructions for its programming.
  5. Even if you can’t find a question that satisfies your concern, it also helps you communicate with directv.
  6. You can fix the directv error code 771.
  7. If you are having a malfunction with your directv remote, you can fix it by visiting
  8. In the same site you will be able to know the channels that are included in each of the directv packages.
  9. You will receive a solution to your question about how to pay the directv invoice.
  10. If you don’t know how to reconnect your directv HD DVR to the internet, look for the solution on the same site.
  11. The site even helps you with several specific links with instructions for account management, billing, Directv now, directv programming, directv streaming, mobile applications, directv ordering, receivers, and troubleshooting with your service.

12 Finally, if none of the links can help you with your problem, don’t worry because at the top of the screen, you will find the search engine to write your exact question.

13 After you have written your question, the site will redirect you to the longest possible questions so that you can click on one of them and receive the solution to your problem.

Directv customer service in Spanish

  1. If you expect an instant response you can contact the Response Center.
  2. If you can’t find a solution in the answer center, you can call 1-800-531-5000.
  3. If you have hearing problems, you can call 1-800-779-4388, for which you must have a compatible TTY device.
  4. If you have a business account, for example you have a private office, a restaurant or a bar, you can contact 1-888-200-4388.
  5. In the case that you are a client of a hospital or a hotel you can call 1-888-388-2505.
  6. If you need information regarding the public political file of the company you can contact 800-860-4032 and for any other question at 800-531-5000.

Directv PR Customer Service (Puerto Rico)

To contact directv pr customer service you also have several options, for example:

  1. You can call 787-776-5252, every day from 8:00 am. At 12:00 am.
  2. You can also communicate by email to [email protected]
  3. Login to, then you will see at the top of the screen that the last tab allows you to enter Contact Us, enter and you will have entered MyDirectv.
  4. Log in with your username and password.
  5. Then enter your email address and password.
  6. On the next screen you can choose if you want to check your balance and pay the bill, if you want to purchase PPV or sporting events, you can access series, movies and live sports with all devices and enjoy promotions and contests that are exclusively for registered customers plus you will receive news about contests and events.
  7. If you need a solution to a problem, go to and you will find solutions for prepaid, postpaid, billing, technical assistance, remote control and equipment, recharges and payments and 771 messages on the screen.
  8. General assistance can solve picture and audio problems, equipment problems, remote control,