How to attract the ideal audience for your Business

How to attract your ideal audience to your business and achieve results

Undoubtedly one of the questions that we must solve as entrepreneurs when we make the decision to create an online business is how to attract our potential customers. I know that tons of information has been written on this subject, however thousands of entrepreneurs continue to have this same problem; Today I want to propose a new perspective, a new way of looking at this issue, let’s start.

Attracting our clients is to achieve a balance between, first knowing our product or service and second knowing exactly the solution they are looking for.

But this is only the beginning, since after we know that they have a problem that we can solve with our products or services, then now there are two more factors that we must take into account, and these are:

– Expose ourselves in front of their eyes, so that they know that we too have an option that may be the solution to their problems.

– Stand out from other businesses or entrepreneurs who also offer similar solutions.

I am sure that all of the above has already occurred to you, however if we do not put these four steps into practice we will never achieve the results we are looking for, for example we can know our potential clients very well, but if we do not expose ourselves effectively in front of of their gazes, in the places that they spend most of their time, then our results will never be the best or the best.

It can also happen that we advertise frequently, we are where they are, social networks, online magazines or forums but we do not stand out from the competition, our product is no different or we can only compete by price, then we are again well below our potential as entrepreneurs.

The solution? The solution is a process, here I will talk about only four factors:

4 Factors to attract the ideal audience for your business

– Know your products

– Know what your potential client is looking for

– Expose ourselves in front of them.

– Find our unique sales proposition.

There are four different groups that you have to work on, each one separately first and having them work together later, but as I mentioned, this is a whole process that cannot be learned from one day to the next and not in a only course or training.

Attracting clients to our online business is the result of daily work, work that includes from knowing copy techniques, working with a website or blog optimized so that readers take action and hire our services or products; the creation of mailing lists, creation of systems, etc, etc.

After the above we can see why many experts advise that we have to try to develop business on the Internet following a line, the line of what we like to do, our passions or tastes, and this is simply because they know the path to undertake And achieving results is not something that happens without having to overcome barriers, barriers that range from ignorance of resources or tools, but more importantly, the need to have the right MIND to reach the goal we want for our lives.

On this path, phrases like falling a thousand times and getting up two thousand make sense more than ever. Because if we do not do it, it is very easy for us to stop our businesses or our dreams and settle for making a living with what luck offers us.

So how do we attract people to our businesses and achieve results?

With perseverance and dedication, working mainly on the four points that we talked about before but not only on them, since there are more than you will find along the way, the important thing is that you start and that you do not decline or abandon because the first campaigns did not come out or nobody wants to subscribe to your mailing list; Here, as in almost everything, the important thing is to insist and be constant; If we can do this, the rest will come in due course.

I hope this post has been useful to you or you identify yourself at some point in your business, I invite you to leave your comments or share this post with other people who may find it useful.

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