How to access optional insurance, requirements and benefits it grants

Through the IMSS, you can access a optional insuranceWell, you should register if you do not have any public benefit. In fact, it is a good possibility for you as a student to enjoy good health.

But do you know what are the requirements that you must meet so that you can access this insurance? Well then you will know all the details.

Optional insurance requirements

To access the optional insurance you must meet several requirements such as:

  1. In addition to the fact that you must be registered, you must also be studying subjects.
  2. You must present your CURP.
  3. You must present your birth certificate.
  4. You must present your INE or IFE in force.
  5. You must have your social security number and present it.

How to access optional insurance

If you meet all the requirements, you must proceed as follows to access the insurance:

  1. If you still do not have a social security number, go to the office of the sub-delegation with the original documents that you could read as requirements.
  2. Go to and you can read the instructions.
  3. Download the IMSS App and you can request your membership number.
  4. On the same website ask a question about the validity of your medical service.
  5. If you read that you can access the medical service because it is indicated by the current proof of law and in the data of the last register it says Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí it means that you are already registered, then go to the corresponding clinic with the documents that you generated online and those that you read as requirements and you will complete the process.
  6. Make the registration in the corresponding clinic.

Requirements for medical insurance with expired right to medical service

In the event that the right to medical service is not in force, you will carry out the registration process in this way:

  1. As a student to the facultative insurance scheme in the school services office of the faculty presenting the certificate of current rights
  2. Entering
  3. Enter your unique password, your address with the zip code.
  4. You can also go to the family medical unit indicating your mobile or landline number.
  5. You will verify the discharge of the process 5 business days later.
  6. Go to the IMSS clinic together with the original and a copy of the required documents and you will obtain the appointment card and you will finish the process for joining the medical insurance.

Optional insurance benefits

When you join the IMSS medical insurance you benefit because you access these medical services:

  1. Hospitalization.
  2. Medical care.
  3. Pharmacy.
  4. Maternity.
  5. Surgery.
  6. X-rays.
  7. Clinical analisys laboratory.
  8. Odontology.
  9. Preventive medicine.

Therefore, when you join, you begin to have the right to use all the services that you have just read, but if your mother or father is affiliated with an insurance of this type, either from the ISSTE or from IMSS, they will not authorize your affiliation.

You will also not be able to affiliate if you have an affiliation because you work for a business or company.

You will not be able to join if you are married.

The facultative insurance is valid for the entire time of the study program of your degree, therefore it is not necessary that you re-enroll.

Once you join, you can participate in the cultural activities and sports competitions endorsed and organized by the Autonomous University of San Luís Potosí, you will provide your social service, you will take study trips and you will participate in the student exchange.

What is facultative insurance

  1. The optional insurance It complies with what is established in the presidential decree providing a medical service to middle and higher level students.
  2. As a student, you have the right to free access to the service because the Federal Government is the entity that takes care of the expenses.

IMSS optional insurance

  1. The facultative imss insurance is the one that as a student provides you with a medical service while you are pursuing your intermediate, higher and postgraduate studies.
  2. You benefit because neither you nor the university pay to access the service, since the expenses correspond to the Federal Government.
  3. Therefore, while you are enrolled in the university and you are studying subjects without you or your parents having a similar service, you will have the right to access this service.
  4. If you are a new student, you can apply to the service by completing a socioeconomic questionnaire and when you obtain the social security number you will go to the Family Medicine Unit that corresponds to you and you will process the discharge and the appointment card.

Optional UABC insurance

  1. As for the optional uabc insurance, it is the Autonomous University of California that calls you as a student to complete the procedure from which you obtain the IMSS affiliation and benefits in the event of a school accident.
  2. As an undergraduate student, you must complete the medical expenses policy form by signing it and filling it in with your information so that you can be a beneficiary of accident coverage.
  3. You will carry out the procedure in the Department of Student Services and School Management of the campus, as it is the place where you will request reimbursement of medical expenses if you suffer an accident or a beneficiary you designated dies, then you will manage the payment of funeral expenses.
  4. You get coverage up to $ 50,000 valid within 10 days of the accident. It is the value of the reimbursement of medical expenses produced by the ambulance service, medicines, hospitalization and medical treatment.

Optional insurance UNAM

In the case of optional unam insurance, it is the one provided by the Mexican Institute of Social Security in conjunction with UNAM, aimed at students taking subjects at any level at UNAM.

Optional insurance considerations unam

  1. The numbers of affiliation to the sub-directorate of projects of the general direction of school administration are provided by the IMSS.
  2. As a student, you receive the membership number through the projects subdirectorate.
  3. You can go to the website of the general direction of school administration to ask about your membership number. To do this, go to www.dgae.unam.mx2
  4. It may be that the assigned family medicine unit is not the one that corresponds to you because it is not the one closest to your home, so with a proof of address, go to the clinic closest to your home and request the change.
  5. If the system does not find you registered, the brochure will be provided by the complete graduate program, signed and stamped by the service office.

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