How is the person who works at the hotel reception named?

The person who works at the hotel reception It is the receptionist who deals directly with the public. It is the employee that tourists see first when they arrive at the hotel, therefore they are the visible face and first impression of the company.

The person who works at the hotel reception is the reception clerk

  1. The person who works at the hotel reception is the receptionist as the most common name of the person who is in charge of receiving tourists when they arrive at the hotel.
  2. The receptionist or receptionist is a person used to working under pressure, but at the same time he must always remain with a pleasant gesture when dealing with the public.
  3. In fact, providing good customer service is one of the main tasks of the receptionist.
  4. But the receptionist is not only in charge of receiving tourists, since the tasks include other important issues such as:

The person who works at the hotel reception is the receptionist: Tasks

  1. First of all, as his main task is to receive tourists, he will greet them in a pleasant way and answer all the questions that are part of the obvious doubts of each tourist who approaches him.
  2. In the same way that you maintain daily communication with tourists, you must also maintain good communication with the rest of the hotel staff.
  3. The hotel receptionist is frequently faced with challenges that must be solved with the best attitude, especially when it comes to preventing a guest who has ended their stay from leaving the hotel with a bad impression.
  4. The receptionist is also responsible for making appointments, registering guests, and processing payments.
  5. You will likely need training in the programming software the hotel uses, which you will need to practice before starting work.
  6. Since most of the time the receptionist is in front of the computer, he must sift not only with the hotel’s private programs but also with simpler ones such as e-mail and the handling of word processors.
  7. The reception clerk must be informed about the changes that may arise in terms of departure times, appointments and other issues that must be resolved, since solving problems of this type are part of their work tasks.
  8. The person who works in the reception of a hotel must anticipate any problem that may arise or provide the amenities to the guest before the guest requests it.
  9. You must pay attention to the cleanliness and order of the hotel lobby, as everything must be kept in order and ready before the arrival of the guests.
  10. Even as illustrative brochures with information for guests will always be found at the hotel reception, the receptionist must ensure that the reception area is stocked with these brochures without the need for guests to request them.
  11. The receptionist needs to have accurate information because in addition to keeping records up to date and greeting guests when they enter the hotel, they are responsible for answering both internal and external inquiries.
  12. The administrative tasks of the receptionist include the organization of transport, the reservation in the hotel meeting rooms, the issuance of the passes for the visitors or the credentials of the same.
  13. In some hotels the receptionist also acts as a cashier, then he will take care of recording and recording payments and verifying the guest’s credit card.
  14. In other hotels the receptionist is also in charge of answering the telephone calls, he is a telephone operator, then he will take care of registering the telephone reservations.
  15. In hotels where there is no bellboy, it is the receptionist who is in charge of handing over the room keys to the guest and will tell him where his room is located.

The person who works at the hotel reception is the receptionist and its importance

The reception is the first impression of the guests where reservations are made, check-ins and check-outs are recorded and room keys are handed out as the main tasks.

  1. The reception has all the information about the activities that guests can do in the establishment and its surroundings.
  2. The reception department may have a boss who is in charge of managing the social, technical and administrative area of ​​the hotel.
  3. A good receptionist should always be a smiling person and not lose their smile despite finding themselves in a problem that cannot be solved, because in this situation, by not having the information that the client requests, everything can be forgivable if they show a sincere smile. Since with an arrogant attitude you will only get the client to leave the hotel unhappy and not return.

How much does a receptionist earn in the USA?

A receptionist in the USA has an average salary that varies between 31,187 and 38,941 dollars, being stipulated in 34,735 dollars.

However, the range is highly variable, since it depends on the skills that the reception employee can present, their certifications, experience in the same profession and their level of education, since per year a receptionist can have an average salary of $ 173,553 .

Common names given to the person who attends the hotel reception

You already know that the person who works at the hotel reception is the receptionist who you should know how to differentiate from other people you will find working in the hotel.

  1. For example, him buttons It is the person who is in charge of taking your bags to the room, as it is not a task that the receptionist is in charge of.
  2. The waitress is another of the people you will find working in the hotel. He is the one in charge of keeping your room clean.
  3. You may confuse the receptionist with the concierge, but the concierge is the person you will meet at the entrance of the hotel and will only welcome you but will not take care of advising you or giving you other information with precision since for this you will go to the hotel receptionist although the concierge may help you when it comes to solving a simple problem or giving you simple information.
  4. You will also meet him camera assistant who is the person who works in the hotel cleaning the clothes of the guests and can even work parking your car.

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