How can I envision my future?

All of us should spend 10-15 minutes a day relaxing our minds and learning to visualize our future, but in a coherent way, do not start dreaming for the sake of dreaming, that no matter how much they tell you that it works, it is false. Take the test start to visualize each day that you have a “Ferrari” without sticking a stick to the water and when you have it let me know. It’s something more serious than this Visualizing your future requires your commitment to yourself.visualize-the-future

So how can I envision my future?

I have no idea how you can visualize your future, I really have no idea, what I do know is how I manage to do it, how I can visualize my future by concentrating on it, but in an effective way for me, and not everything happens through being surrounded by money and extravagances, my company and I as an entrepreneur do not require that I waste my time dreaming that I am in a pool full of 500 euro bills, what my company and myself requires is that the time I dedicate to visualize my Future is according to my abilities and my dedication and effort.

Of course, do not pretend to visualize anything if you are not able to sacrifice and fight.

I don’t have any fixed time to visualize my future, I try to make it always at night, instead of counting sheep in bed I start to imagine, and I don’t need a lot of time either since after 10-15 minutes I’m already fried J .

It uses the powerful tool that our brain has given us, the ability to visualize is one of the best tools we have, those of us who use it for our benefit are not weirdos, we simply want to influence our future.

This is how I try:

  • No day do I go to sleep watching the news or reading the news, never, if I did I would surely go to sleep pissed off.
  • Every day I go for a walk for at least 1 hour and at that time I try to take stock of the day, the positive and the negative and I give special attention to the negative, I try to analyze the reasons and not spend more time than the walk When I finished, the problems of the day were also over. (Logically there are problems and problems).
  • Every day when I close my eyes I always try to see the same image, in my case it is a big wave and I am on top of it, taking me towards my goals.
  • I never try to visualize anything that does not require my effort and dedication, otherwise it would be to start dreaming for the sake of dreaming and the truth is that I am not for nonsense.
  • From my life I have removed all the ashes that I have come across, it does not mean that I do not maintain friendship with them, but I have simply moved them away little by little so as not to have ashes temptations
  • And most importantly, and who knows me well, knows everything I’ve been through and everything I’ve not been through, I never fall asleep complaining, I consider complaining one of the biggest excuses for doing nothing.

I do not intend to teach you anything with today’s post, simply to convey to you from my ignorance, that each of us can use the method we want, but we all have the same ability to visualize our future, maybe it is fulfilled and perhaps it is not fulfilled , but of one thing you can be sure and it is none other than:


So if until today you were one of those lazy people, who do not have the strength when they go to sleep to visualize their future, I invite you to leave your comfort zone and start tonight.

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