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Export of pallets of merchandise in liquidation from the US to Mexico

Export of merchandise pallets: The worldwide reputation of merchandise manufactured and sold in the United States is that it offers the best value for money. It is not unusual for customers in other countries to try to obtain any type of merchandise produced in the United States. Some buy to use it themselves, but others are looking to buy larger quantities to resell.

Customers from neighboring countries of the United States, Canada in the north and Mexico in the south, have a significant advantage over other customers due to the simple fact that these three countries have signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994.

This agreement removes tariffs and restrictions to boost business options. In May 2017, US President Donald Trump expressed his intention to review the agreement for opportunities to further grow the US economy. boost business opportunities with its two partner countries .

What this means for someone looking to import pallets of cleared stock from the United States into Mexico or to purchase imported U.S. clearance pallets is that merchandise is more accessible, the import process is more agile and shipping costs are lower than with other countries.

Although tariffs and tariffs were phased out in 2005, a value added tax or VAT (as it is known in Mexico) is applied at a rate of 10 to 15 percent, depending on the destination of the merchandise. In case you decide to import merchandise yourself and are new to doing so, please contact local authorities or a lawyer or even a broker to help you with the import procedure and also to familiarize yourself with the NAFTA .

In case you decide to import US clearance pallets yourself, be sure to follow regulatory procedure and complete all required documentation . Mexican Customs requires all Mexican buyers to obtain permits, make all required payments to the authorities, and hire a Mexican Customs Agent.

If you are looking to buy merchandise that has already been imported, here are some things you need to know about stocks cleared, how they can boost your reselling business online and how to choose your font, you can see more here.

What is clearance merchandise?

Merchandise produced and manufactured in the United States has earned a worldwide reputation for being the best value for money, which undoubtedly increases its appeal to customers. Clearance merchandise such as pallets of merchandise, as an added benefit, attracts buyers looking to get their hands on cheap merchandise, because Liquidated shares are priced lower than the wholesale price.

There are several reasons why a merchandise is liquidated, for example the merchandise pallets, and these reasons will mainly determine the price and type of liquidated merchandise. For example, if a company closes its doors, the remaining merchandise is liquidated, that is, it is packed on pallets (merchandise pallets) and is sold. This merchandise may be new and not used by the company , or used, which would include office equipment, computers, and so on.

Very often, you will be able to buy shelf pulls or customer-returned merchandise, or something called clearance or overstock merchandise. The last two have the highest price for liquidated stock, as they are usually new products that have not been sold when a new collection arrives at the store or that have never been put on the shelves because store management ordered an excess. . amounts of it. Although at the highest point of the liquidated merchandise, These two types are sold between 25 and 50 percent below the wholesale price . Now you can see the attractiveness of the price of the liquidated merchandise.

What is the best liquidated merchandise?

The answer to this question really depends on what you are specifically looking for. Maybe you’re looking to buy wholesale electronics to resell or you’re just interested in buying return pallets. You may be interested in buying clothes to resell or appliances. In terms of market dynamics, the most profitable wholesale items don’t have to be the most popular.

If we take a look at the electronics market, for example, it is undoubtedly the market with the stiffest competition where the prices of individual units are close to wholesalers. So even though the electronics market is very profitable, you may find that by choosing a niche, where the demand is much higher than the supply, your profit margin could be even higher. In either case, the settlement business gives you the opportunity to maximize your profits , if you play your cards right.

Clearance companies provide you with merchandise at a price lower than the wholesaler, and the condition of the merchandise ranges from unsorted customer returns to new clearance merchandise . Much of the merchandise is sold untested, “as is,” which for some raises concerns regarding the quality of the products. That is why we will now look at the way the liquidation business operates, which is the focal point for providing a level of security to customers interested in liquidation merchandise.

How does the settlement business deal with quality issues?

The answer to this question will give you an idea of ​​how the settlement business works as well as how your research skills will help you ensure quality merchandise.

When manufacturers and retailers receive customer returns, this merchandise, regardless of why it was returned, is often not resold as new.

Now, while you might be looking to buy pallets of this merchandise directly from retailers and manufacturers, which would also be the most direct and often cheapest option, you face a high minimum order requirement. This is a system that limits access to small buyers with limited budgets and is more geared towards wholesale buyers buying goods by truck . This causes a problem for you, the buyer, because once the merchandise is purchased by wholesalers, it is divided into smaller batches and pallets and sold at the wholesaler’s markup. This leaves you very little profit margin.

Direct Liquidation stocks merchandise from major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon and Target , so you always know where the stocks are coming from.

So, if you are interested in buying US clearance pallets in Mexico, or want to import them yourself, be sure to follow customs regulations and procedures and also buy only from reputable sources.


Direct Liquitation Mexico

Direct Liquidation México (DL) is a wholesale trade channel of the goTRG company, which is a retail of the largest electronic products, home products and general merchandise companies in the country.

We know that retailers and manufacturers struggle to profit from returns and overstocks. Direct Liquitation invests in warehouse space, technology and digital marketing to efficiently resell large volumes of products around the world including Mexico. Through DL, fully manifested and mixed batches are offered, along with dedicated support and hassle-free shipping to turn new customers into brand ambassadors. Through DL, goTRG seeks to provide maximum value to our customers such as pallets of merchandise.

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