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Everything you need to know about Stradivarius Mexico

You know what stradivarius Mexico is a fashion store where you can also find accessories at any of its branches. Therefore, regardless of the city or state where you reside, you can take advantage, but you can even make your purchases online without having to move from your home. You want to know more? then keep reading …

What is Stradivarius Mexico?

  1. Stradivarius mexico is a fashion store that began operating in 1994. Accessories and clothing are designed in Spain for subsequent distribution in stores in more than 60 countries around the world.
  2. They are trend designs because they change as fashion changes, therefore it is always fully fashion design.
  3. Bringing together the most talented professionals, the Stradivarius facilities maintain their activity to give the best with regard to fashion.
  4. In this way, the stradivarius online store was born where you can buy wherever you are in an easy way as thousands of buyers have done since 2001.

Stradivarius online mexico

Stradivarius mexico Online is the best way for you to buy easily by entering your website like this:

  1. Login to
  2. At the top of the screen you will see several tabs so you can choose what you are looking for.
  3. For example if you are looking to buy clothes, click on the Clothes tab.
  4. Next you will choose if you want to buy by Product.
  5. Then choose if you are looking for Coats and Jackets, Pants, Shirts, Knitwear, Jeans, Jumpsuits and overalls, Blazers, T-shirts, Skirts and jumpers, Shorts, Sweatshirts or Tops and bodysuits.
  6. Assuming you choose Dresses, click on its corresponding link.
  7. Once clicked, the page will redirect you to the collection of available dresses.
  8. Scroll down to review the entire collection of dresses.
  9. Each product has the detail of its characteristic and the value in Mexican pesos.
  10. If you rest the cursor on the garment you can see the different fashion combinations so that you have an idea how you can complement the dress.
  11. Then click on the image and the site will redirect you to the full page of the dress you chose.
  12. While on the right of the page you can see all the possible combinations of the dress with stradivarius accessories, on the left of the screen you can choose another color.
  13. You even have the size chart for you to choose.
  14. If you are interested in buying that dress, first choose the color, then the size according to the page shown.
  15. It also shows you the value of the garment in Mexican pesos.
  16. If you agree with all the details, click Add to Cart.
  17. As there is the possibility of Free Shipping, click on Free Shipping and you will know if this option exists for your garment or you will find out the value of standard shipping or Drop point with the delay for it to arrive at your home.
  18. If you prefer to go to a physical store to pick up your product, click on Find your store.
  19. In this case, the search will open on the right margin. Enter your postal code and the site will inform you of the postal address of the store closest to your home.

Stradivarius mexico Affinity Card

  1. With your Affinity Card you get many advantages in your purchases of clothing for women or men in all the Inditex group stores in addition to the exclusive Citibanamex.
  2. When you buy at Uterqüe, Zara Home, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Oysho, Lefties, Pull & Bear or Zara you get 10% in Premia points.
  3. When you make payments at a cinema, restaurant, streaming music or pay for your services, you get 7% in Premia Points.

Affinity Card Citibanamex recruitment requirements

Fulfilling the requirements so that you can contract the Citibanamex Affinity Card is very easy:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Your minimum income must be $ 7000 of course verifiable.
  3. You must present proof of domicile in the national territory.
  4. You must present your valid official identification.
  5. If you meet all these requirements, go to and click Apply for your Affinity Card.
  6. Once you get your card and make your purchases, you can pay in 3 and 6 months without interest.

How to register with Stradivarius mexico

To register with stradivarius mexico follow this step by step:

  1. Login to
  2. Once you register you can keep track of your orders and you can also save all the shipping data and payment data, which is much easier and more agile for you on your next purchases.
  3. Click Create account.
  4. First of all, you must indicate your gender, check the box if you are male or female.
  5. Please enter your name.
  6. In the field next to your name, enter your last name.
  7. Then you will need to enter your email address.
  8. Choose a password that is at least 8 characters long and contains lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and numbers.
  9. Enter your phone number first by choosing the area code and then in the next field enter the mobile phone number.
  10. Indicate if you are a private customer or a company.

11 Choose to check the box if you want Stradivarius news to be sent to you by SMS and email.

  1. You must mark that you have read and accept the privacy policy.
  2. Choose by checking the site to remember you on the device you are using.
  3. Finally, click on Create Account and your account will have been created so that you can start shopping at Stradivarius.
  4. To log in, go to
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. Enter the password you chose when creating your Stradivarius account.
  7. Check the box if you want to be remembered on the device you are using.
  8. Finally, click on Login or access with Facebook.