Content is and will continue to be the king of web 2.0

Internet today is the main source of information. Millions of people around the world use the internet to search on any topic or content, to find out about current events, to learn more about the products that interest them or want to buy, to know places where they want to travel, to read or to find recommendations about what they can read, to become interested in or read about the people they admire, or simply for something as wonderful as learning.

In this new Social Internet, 2.0, we interact, give our opinion, recommend, share or generate information or content ourselves. For all this it is said that, online, content is king.


This phrase so hackneyed in the world of digital marketing It is a truth that has been repeated for years in all marketing forums and on the lips of many gurus. So, if it were just about having a blog of what we like or what we want to share with our readers and friends, having content for having content would be great. In the case of this blog that I am creating now, for example, I could bring here some of the work that I have already super elaborated and thus supposedly this blog would have good content and quality, right? And if content is king, I would be queen.

But this does not work like that. You, as an entrepreneur who owns a blog, you want to sell. You have created your blog to do business based on the product or service you offer. You know what you cannot paste the catalog description of your products in one post after another because for people that lacks interest and with it you do not transmit any added value.

And if you are an entrepreneur who wants to offer a professional advisory service, talking on your blog about topics related to your theoretical knowledge can be an excellent tool for your personal brand and your reputation. But If what you want is for them to actually hire your services, it will be convenient for you to connectThrough your blog with an audience that is recognized in what you count, that feels close to you and really concerned about their needs. Besides empathizing, also It will be convenient for you to listen to them and offer what they demand the most with that differentiating and personal plus that you stand out among the other professionals.

For example, in this post (unless you are an expert on the subject) you will not know what I mean if I start talking with marketing terms that are empty of meaning to you. Consequence? That this blog would be of little use to you, since you are an entrepreneur A blogger! that needs clear, concrete and specially focused information for you. And if what I write here does not serve you, you will not visit me again, nor will you subscribe, and therefore it will be difficult for me to reach you to offer you my advice.

You already understand where I’m going, right? Transfer this to your business. You are the one who writes the content and the person who reads you, that potential client, does not understand you, therefore it is not useful to him, nor is he interested, nor does he follow you, what for? … If you don’t connect with him, if he doesn’t hook him, there won’t be any interaction!

So I’m going to be fresh and direct, as well as truthful and objective, so that the “engangement” takes place, that much-needed attraction and that you REALLY want to continue reading the entries in this blog. Well that, just that, is what you should expect in your blog: that your readers want to continue reading you, that a conversation is created, with a comment, with a subscription, or a like on your Facebook page … The conversation will continue and it will give you feedback so that you will know what their needs and demands are to create more content or products for your audience.. And that, without a doubt, is what will help you reach them and sell.

Content is indeed king, but It must be valuable, relevant, updated and quality content, and above all, expressly directed to your audience. And for that you also have to know her and interact with her. We will talk in another post about the favorite places of conversation on the internet: blogs and social networks.

By the way, do you already have your content well focused on your audience?… Shall we talk about it?

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