Commercial Grease Extractor Cleaning Service

In many states, restaurants are required by the health department to regularly clean fat extractors also known as “range hook ”,” kitchen or stove hood ”,“ exhaust hood “, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and possible fires due to excess fat. This should be done every 1, 3 or 6 months depending on the size and volume of the kitchen.Commercial Grease Extractor Cleaning Service

This creates a good opportunity for enterprising people to start a service service business. kitchen extractor cleaning orexhaust cleaning service “. Specialized equipment is available for cleaning these grease extractors and filters. However, this equipment can be expensive, to reduce start-up costs you can always resort to the old and always useful method of your “long and strong” arms until the business is established and the equipment can be purchased with the benefits or you can also it would be a good idea to rent them. The amount to be charged depends on the size of the extractors, the type and how difficult it is to access them. If you decide to charge by the hour, you could keep a basic average rate of about $ 30 to $ 50 an hour to start. Average service income is about $ 200.

This is a business that you can start as part-time and that it has good growth potential. Your potential customers are many, from restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, coffee shops, hotels, schools, in short, wherever there is a commercial kitchen. You can also offer as an additional service deep cleaning and grease removal from the entire kitchen. This is a business that you can add to an existing commercial cleaning business. It is virtually recession proof as commercial kitchens must be kept clean at all times and free of fines from city inspectors.

What you need to start the grease extractor cleaning business.

Specialized equipment, cleaning materials, detergents, grease solvents, slip-resistant shoes or boots, ladders, a means of transport and above all, many gains from working. Do not forget to purchase insurance of “General Liability “ and always have your business cards at hand.