Commercial Cleaning Service

A dirty business establishment is a sure way to lose customers. But if a business owner or office manager has the time and interest to clean up, the answer is none. If you are not afraid to clean, this business idea may be appropriate for you, you can start a business profitable with your own commercial cleaning company. The advantages of this business is that it can be started on a very small budget and generally does not require any special skills, background or experience.Commercial Cleaning Service

Another advantage is that this is an ideal business to start part-time or part time, because offices and stores will most likely want you to go to work after business hours, allowing you to keep your current job if you prefer until your own business grow up. You will need to know the products used for the cleaning commercial and how to use them. To start your own commercial cleaning business in the United States you will need to acquire a business license or business license and a securities insurance (bond insurance), it will protect your clients, for example if something breaks while you or your team are cleaning, the insurance will answer to your clients for you.

Your clients can be small businesses, from doctor’s offices, commercial premises, stores located in shopping centers, retail stores and more. Large corporations are not your best bet, as you will need multiple crews of employees to be able to cover the entire place each night, but with smaller companies, you can contract to go one or more nights per week. Visit potential customers and leave them your flyers and business cards or you can also start a promotional campaign by mail, perhaps offering an introductory discount. Post a magnetic car sign (Door Custom Magnet) is also a good idea to promote your business and provide a more professional appearance.

How to start your office cleaning service business

1.- Establish the services you will offer.

You can provide basic office cleaning services, such as vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, and removing dust from surfaces. Customers may also ask you to empty trash cans, clean floors, and wash carpets.

2.-Implement a business plan that includes the services you will provide

There you have to detail how you have to attract new customers. List your startup costs and marketing expenses. Since it may take time for your business to produce significant profits, plan how you are going to keep your business afloat while you wait. You can even include goals for the eventual expansion of your business.

3.- Process a business license.

You can contact the business licensing or registration department in your area for the requirements of an application.

4.- Get insurance for your office cleaning business.

Usually you will need third party liability insurance to cover any damage or loss caused by your business.

5.-Acquire sSupplies and equipment for your office cleaning company.

You will most likely need a vacuum cleaner, a mop, a broom, and a bucket with a squeegee. You may also need sponges, dusting rags, and various types of cleaners and disinfectants. If you are going to clean floors or wash carpets for your clients, you will also need a floor cleaner and a carpet cleaner.

6.- Determine prices

Set general prices and an hourly rate for your office cleaning service. You will probably provide each prospect with a unique estimate, but this will give you an initial guide.

7.- Promote your services

Make sure potential clients know that you are available to clean offices. You can visit office buildings and provide information to managers about your business. You should also send advertising by email. Ads in local newspapers and directories can also give you exposure. Even creating a website for your office cleaning business can help you attract new clients.

8.- Hire temporary employees for jobs.

When you start an office cleaning business, you may want to do most of the work yourself or hire someone to help you. However, as your business grows, you may need a team of cleaners.

9.- Have the Necessary Equipment

Your tools will include a commercial vacuum cleaner, for small businesses you can use a regular household model, rubber gloves, a mop, a bucket of water, sponges, rags, a rubber scrub roller, garbage bags, a wheelbarrow. the ones used to transport your equipment around the place and your cleaning supplies. You will need a reliable vehicle to get to your clients’ locations.


Starting a profitable business initially requires you to identify a need and find a way to satisfy it. Commonly, office heads and business managers require commercial cleaning services And you can address this need by starting an office cleaning business. This business usually requires only a modest initial investment and can be implemented gradually. Although you can start out small, you can eventually expand your office cleaning business to serve more clients and include other teams of workers.íritu-de-oficinas-razones-para-hacerlo-2/