Business Plan – How to start your business

I propose a series of actions to take into account to carry out this project. In this way no one will get stuck at the first change, as it happened to me at the beginning. And it is that so much information is available that it is not known where to throw or how to fit all the information, or even how to handle it.

We divide the project into five sub-projects, which are:

1) Analysis and choice of the business idea.
2) Choose the business name and select the domain name accordingly.
3) Plan your web content.
4) Plan your digital sales product.
5) Launch your website.

It is better not to use technology until it is necessary so as not to mix concepts. Its use is being introduced little by little, so that we do not realize what we are learning.

The steps of purchasing resources are always done at the last possible moment to always have more options to change our decisions if they are changed by the greater knowledge we have of the subject as we go into it.Business plan

Define your idea

As we discussed in another article, it is essential that you take the time necessary to outline your idea. You have to make a decision based on real data, based on a market study and be sure that this is what you want to do. Going back will mean the loss of resources and time. So take your time to meditate on it and then put all your energy into it.

Choose a domain name

Although there are many domains already registered, it is still possible to find good names. Above all, it must be original and it must be consistent with our business idea.

We are only going to probe the proposed names, for now it is better not to buy it because the purchase will be joint with the server service.

There are some concepts to keep in mind when selecting the domain name. Make it easy to remember, evoke the business we are going to focus on, and be easy for others to pronounce and understand. Don’t have to spell it out so someone can go to the website.

If it can be, it should fit your business name, but that is more complicated in some cases.

The domain name should not contain:

Scripts – Domain names that contain hyphens do not look very professional and are difficult to interpret when spoken. It is better to avoid them.

Numbers – Some domains have numbers, this gives a certain advantage when it comes to being indexed in the directories, but for the same reasons as before, it is difficult to understand speaking. People often ask, ” Three? With letters or numbers? »

Domain type: The domains .com they are considered the most favored by search engines. And people usually think that by default that is the type of domain of a website. And the most important, it is that search engines give greater weight to this type of domain when it comes to positioning them.

More than 25 characters (before the domain type) – Names of 25 characters are not advisable, especially when wanting to advertise them by pay per click in search engines.

The domain name must contain:

Your main keyword. This will give you greater visibility in the face of search engines. It would be good if by reading your domain name anyone was able to know what they will find on your website.

Include another word. The inclusion of other words must be done to finish defining what the web is about. Words like “tips”, “help” allow you to better determine what the web is doing. Although it is not convenient to use a long domain name.

When your website starts to rank higher and competes with other sites in search engines, your domain name should make a difference. The more professional and concise about what the web provides, the better.

On Hostgator you will find the possibility of putting the name of a domain to check if it is free or not. And it also suggests alternatives similar to yours in case you find yourself a bit stuck with the domain name.

Use Keywords it is also a good idea to get suggestions. It gives you the keywords that people use to find information on your same topic.

Don’t forget to give the name a bit of generality to allow you some flexibility in your content.

Plan your website content

It is worth spending some time on the structure that your site is going to have. The topics that you are going to deal with and how it will be distributed. This will help you to have a much clearer and more user-friendly website for the Internet user who visits your page.

On best screen situations You have the most interesting areas of the screen to know, where you should put the information on your website, depending on what you want them to do first.

Plan your digital product

It is also time to plan what product you are going to sell, because the content of your website depends on them.

Use written articles to sell your own product. You can teach them what your product is about and give them information. That way they will be convinced that your product is worth it before buying it. It is about building trust, showing that you are an expert in what you do and that if they need your product, it is available to buy.

We already commented that the best thing is to take advantage of the Internet and focus on informational products such as ebooks, software, music and videos.

Your job is to know how to adapt your business idea along with how to carry it out in the digital world.

Getting your website up and running

Although until now you have not had to spend money. Now we will have to start spending something.

The best criterion for hosting our website should be the one that offers us the most integrated services because in this way, the technical requirements that you will have to know to relate different services will be minimized than if you contracted them separately.

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