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Basics for blogging articles

Write articles in a blog It is one of the most important parts of online marketing, every internet entrepreneur has to develop this skill, since from it multiple effects will arise that will also determine, along with other factors, the success or failure of an online entrepreneur.

In this article I want to give you some tips for write blog articles with coherence, articles that can help your reader and create your personal brand and credibility, two aspects that are more than important in internet business.affiliates_5feb

– TITLE- The title is the legend that will mark whether readers read your articles or not, a good title attracts people, generally a good title encompasses the whole central idea of ​​your article and sets the course for it.

Examples of good titles are, for example, keys to…, tips about…, the 7 best… etc, etc.

– PICTURE ON THE HEADBOARD- An article needs an image that alludes to the subject of the article, it is really optional but an article with images is much more attractive than one that contains only words, on the other hand, using the ALT tags to name the image will help you in SEO concepts. .

– POST CONTENT- Always try to create articles that add value to the market niche in which you are working, people look for solutions, techniques, procedures that they can use, the more help you provide in your post, the more they will follow you and they will be your subscribers or clients.

– LINKS – You also need to add links in your articles, links that you can use as references to the topic you are talking about, the links must be from external pages to your website, which also generate more value to your article and links to internal pages of your blog as well, that help clarify doubts or add even more value to your readers.

– CALLS TO ACTION- You need to use calls to action at the end of your article, either to achieve subscribers, sell a product or simply to invite them to leave comments and share your articles on social networks, people really need you to tell them specifically what you want them to do, otherwise few people do it by themselves.

– OPTIMIZE YOUR CONTENT-Always write focused on specific keywords or specific phrases, keep in mind the titles and subtitles (



Use your keyword frequently in the development of your article, of course without abusing it, say once or twice every hundred words.

I hope this article helps you create articles for your readers, I invite you to comment or share it if you consider that this article can help other people.