Administration features

The characteristics of the administration are various and the same within all areas, since it is a fundamental part of the economy.

What are the characteristics of the administration

The administration characteristics They are:

  1. Universal because they apply to every social organism, therefore they exist in families, in parishes or churches, in private companies, in state companies and also in the armed forces of a country.
  2. The characteristics are characteristic of the administration and that is why it differs from those of other sciences, although these may be complementary.
  3. The administration has stages, elements and phases of an administrative process.
  4. It sets objectives and aims to carry out the necessary work to achieve those objectives.
  5. In the administration there are hierarchical degrees that are fulfilled within the company and even within the family where the highest hierarchical rank is fulfilled by the father and mother.
  6. In any area, when fulfilling the highest hierarchical level, the administrative responsibility falls on whoever occupies that position.
  7. In a company, the administration is entrusted to an administrator, since he is the most suitable professional to deal with the financial affairs of a company, since a graphic designer or a systems engineer could not take care of financial administration.
  8. Since there are different types of administration, since it can be applied to the government or to the field of private companies, disciplines such as sociology, law, economics, statistics and mathematics are applied with the objective that they can be administered satisfactorily and effective.
  9. It manages resources for a better efficiency of production within all areas, whether within the government or at the social level, within private companies and at the family level.
  10. Based on resources, it is oriented towards making improvements in processes, distributing material and human resources.
  11. Management is versatile because it has an obligation to deviate from each particular need of an organization.
  12. Based on pre-established results determined by an organization, an instrument such as administration is applied to achieve its purpose in a practical way.

Administration characteristics examples

  1. When an event is organized, the guests are considered, resources are managed, therefore a family party such as a birthday, a wedding or a baby shower is a clear example of administration.
  2. Well, in an event of this type, the precise control of what will be done and what can happen suddenly is exercised.
  3. An organization chart is an example of management, since it is a structural representation of the organization of a company. From an organization chart, thanks to a graph, the responsibilities and relationships that are part of the operational function of a company are known.
  4. The organizational chart specifies the tasks to be performed by each person who will be in charge of each of them.
  5. In the family, the administration is an example of every day, since it is necessary to make decisions, establish priorities, outline them and set short-term goals and other long-term objectives with strategic planning.

If the family finances are planned correctly, a good family manager can fulfill his dreams, he can save to buy a house, at the time of retirement he can survive without complaints and if he dreams of his children going to a private establishment, he will not deprive himself of that his dream comes true, since he knows how to manage the finances of his house applying the best criteria.

The money outflow can never be greater than the income, because in this way you can save and take care of unforeseen situations that can occur at any time of the year.

Leverage is also applicable to family management, for example buying a house and then renting it provides liquidity to the family, investing in the education of the children suggests a better future for themselves and also for the family’s financial support. in the future.

Even saving suggests that it is possible to establish a business that will bring a greater income to the household.

For this reason, the family administrator works like the administrator of a company applying a strategic vision, since it is the only way to achieve the objectives knowing how to communicate their decisions to the rest of the family.

  1. In human resources you can also see an example of administration, since organizational techniques are applied to the personnel of a company with the recruitment, motivation, redistribution and training with the aim of generating an improvement in the efficiency of the personnel.

Characteristics of the current administration

The administration applies to the policy of countries that do not encourage the inflow of capital investment, either their own or foreign,

When a country is unstable, the natives themselves do not invest in their country, which can be seen in both poor and developed countries.

When a country goes into crisis it is necessary to apply special management techniques to deal with certain situations.

Globalization influences the administration because it requires changes in production, management and marketing, since companies have a global presence, whose managers can come from anywhere in the world in addition to their natives who are usually the majority of the parent company.

The world economy grows without interposition of limits with improvement in technological processes. However, natural resources are not inexhaustible and that is why continued progress is doubtful due to the environmental damage caused.

Wealth creation is concentrated in only some parts of the world while there is a delay in others, which shows an inequality of progress.

The concept of greater wealth for management has to do with managing a greater number of markets, activities and businesses. Opportunities are increasing even though the demands and complexity of the markets also increase.