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A 9-point marketing is more important than a 5-point product and not the other way around

An online business, carrying out a project, a product, offering a service, actually the methodology for its development does not differ much, we can come to think that it involves many parts, however there are only two main aspects that we cannot leave to observe, these are:

Marketing and Product.

Whether you have a product that you sell on the web, a service that you offer over the Internet, I would even dare to tell you that offline is the same, there are only these two main parts that will lead your project or business to success.

Marketing and the product are part of the same system, however one precedes it, it is more important, this is the MARKETING that you develop to expose your product or service.

The reasons for the importance of MARKETING over the service or product.

The first thing an entrepreneur develops is an idea, a product or his knowledge, a service arises from it; Of course, an entrepreneur works 100% on his product or service, ultimately it is part of him, but here the important thing is that you can have a 10-point product, that’s excellent, but now the issue needs to be taken outside of your product or service, the questions you have to answer are:

– I have an excellent product, at least that’s what I think, but how do I bring it to market?

– How do you expose your product?

– How do you define who your specific market is?

– How do you differ from others, your unique sales proposition?

– What problem do I solve?

– How do I develop a business plan or marketing plan to market or expose my product or service in front of my potential clients?

You can see that these questions define much more the success you achieve with your business, your products or services than the quality of your product itself.

Of course we need an excellent product or service, but the MARKETING that precedes it must be even better, since from this exhibition you will get the feedback that will allow you to solve any deficiency in your product and this even on the fly.

However, if your product or service is the best but you do not have the ability to show your potential client what you have in your hands, these are tied and your business may die before starting.

Take a look at your mailbox, what do you see in it? Most are emails from marketers who are using marketing strategies not only to build trust and credibility, more importantly, for something specific:

– Exhibit your products or services.

When you see an advertisement in television media, posters in your city, they are only looking for one thing, to impress your mind and publicize their products or services; With this I want to tell you that everything is based on exposure, and both online and offline marketing are based on it.

Entrepreneurship is a challenge, it requires constant actions, these must focus on the EXPOSURE premise and of course attraction as well, but the first thing is to show your Brand, expose what you can do for other people, how you can help mitigate or solve their problems ; in a sense you should seek to be labeled a “problem solver.”

importance of marketing

Of course, marketing is just a word too, but behind it there are thousands of actions that we must know and apply correctly to achieve a business that contributes to the lives of other people as well as ours.

I hope this article is useful for you, I invite you to leave your comments or share it with other people who may find it useful.