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5 ways to get your Opening License quickly and not lose heart in the attempt

Open a business It is something very exciting for those who dedicate their efforts and investments to this goal. However, the hated bureaucracy is also involved, which means a high dose of patience to obtain the much-needed opening license, a document with which we will avoid future problems before the law.

Before applying for the license, it is convenient to think and find out certain things in advance so that the time invested is worth it and we avoid surprises. For this reason we leave a list with five tips that must be taken into account before venturing into the process. We hope they are useful and that they share it with more people who need them.

Five ways to quickly get your Opening License

Establishment opening license

Approved opening license.

1- Define well the area to which your enterprise will belong, if it is a wholesale or retail store, if it is a leisure center, if it has a small or large premises, etc. The Spanish government does not require that all businesses process the license. Depending on the locality, retailers and businesses with premises smaller than 300 square meters are exempt from this requirement.

2- To process the opening license, you must first have the rental of the premises. For this reason, you must check that the urban regulations allow you to implement your business in it. In Madrid you can go to the town planning informant of the District Board or to an ECLU (Collaborating Entities in the management of town planning licenses) for guidance in this regard.

Certain activities require a series of requirements for their premises.

3- Some activities require that the premises have a warehouse, toilet for workers and the public, accessibility for disabled people, changing rooms for staff, waste deposit, etc. Although there are municipal technicians who can provide you with detailed information, it is normal that you have to investigate these issues yourself.

In the end the efforts will pay off.

4- You must have an activity project signed by a technician or a descriptive document of the activity with your own signature. It is ideal that you go to a professional with experience in drafting and processing urban licenses. The purpose is to provide you with advice and information on requirements and payments, as well as to represent you before public bodies.

5- Pay the Municipal Opening License Fees if necessary. The money to be paid depends on several factors: activity to be developed, built area of ​​the premises, location and execution budget. In places like Seville (capital), activities smaller than 500 square meters are free of certain payments.