4 ways to increase sales and get customers to buy

Increasing sales takes work. Hard work, but such hard work is a necessary part of running a business. Finding new ways to get customers at the cash register is something business owners dream of and obsess over day and night looking for strategies to implement.

As a business owner interested in increasing your sales, you’ve probably heard of hundreds of new approaches. However, sometimes the best ways to increase sales are not new and / or necessarily innovative, but are simply new ways to use what you already have.

How to increase the sales of your business and get customers to buy your products?

Here are four simple approaches to sales that you may not be using to their fullest extent that, with a little hard work, can be very effective in driving sales conversions and getting customers to buy.

1. Create special offers for previous users

If you haven’t (or barely) harnessed the power of past customers, it’s time to harness the power of familiarity and let it work for your business. The fact is, past customers are your most profitable demographic, because they have already been convinced of the value of your product or service. They trust your brand and are the most prepared to spend money on it again. A great way to bring past customers back is to reward them with special offers; perhaps give them an exclusive look at a new product before the public sees it and offer them a special discount if they act before the launch date. Identify someone as a «preferred customer»And essentially telling him that you appreciate him fosters a sense of loyalty. This will bring customers back to your brand and can lead to a surprising amount of sales.

2. Offer another payment option

Often times, something small in the checkout process can prevent a customer from completing a sale, especially online. If you only accept credit cards, consider offering PayPal or Moneybookers like other options, to alleviate the concerns of customers who fear entering credit card information on an unfamiliar website. If you sell in person, but lack access to a traditional registry or credit card processing terminal, be sure to check out the options for smartphone credit card readers from Square Y PayPal. Missing a sale at a trade show because you don’t accept credit cards should never happen to you again. For online sellers, another easy change is to simply make payment easier, reducing the steps between clicking “Buy This” and actually submitting payment information. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t keep shopping simply because they don’t feel like clicking too many steps.

3. Solid Email Marketign campaigns sending Newsletters

Many companies already implement email blasts through services such as Constant Contact Y Mail Chimp, because they know that consistent newsletters have been shown to increase click-throughs and sales. But remember, if readers feel like a constant sales pitch is being sent to them (no matter how you express it) they will not be interested or quickly lose interest, receiving your newsletters. The key to today’s email newsletters is to provide value by spreading meaningful and creative ideas, along with useful applications of your products or special offers.

There are too many newsletters and spam filters out there that will prevent your newsletters from reaching the eyes of your customers and prevent you from achieving a strong email campaign. You cannot afford to send only useful content, a newsletter campaign that focuses on providing valuable information to your customers will prove its value in the resulting increase in sales. To check your spam status, be sure to run your email through a free spam checker such as Lyris Content Checker.

4. Take Advantage of Billing Places and Offers on Facebook

Almost all businesses already have social media pages, but many don’t take full advantage of their opportunities to directly increase conversions. Increasing Facebook likes is not the same as increasing sales. But offering customers offers that they can claim through Facebook (and that will be published on your newscast will attract their friends), now that can generate income with viral possibilities. Facebook Check-in Deals allows you to create offers that not only attract new customers, but also reward your loyal customers. Also, if you have a traditional brick and mortar store, consider claiming your business on Facebook Places, so you can track the people who visit your store and merge your Facebook page with your location.