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πŸ“Ÿ How to register a company in Sunbiz org en Espanol (LLC) 【2020】

You need to get information about sunbiz org in spanish when you are thinking of creating a company that obviously requires registration.

Well if you create one Limited company in Florida do you know how to register it? And of course that company will have a name that you must also register, do you know how to do it? And if instead of a limited company you want to create an LLC, you must also register it and therefore it is important that you know how to do that registration, but above all you know exactly what sunbiz is? Then continue reading so that you can find out the need for that you register your company and its name …

What services does Sunbiz org in Spanish offer?

Sunbiz org in spanish, is responsible for indexing and reviewing all commercial documents that future businesses present to the corporate division for processing.

Therefore, when the documents presented are subject to what the law requires, they are accepted, processed and updated in the records of that division.

In other words, it serves so that you can receive services so that you can authenticate and certify documents of your company and it will also inform you about the federal taxes that correspond to your new company.

Search for Records on Sunbiz

On www sunbiz org in spanish You will be able to search in the registries, start a registry of your company, change the registry of your existing business or manage the business in addition to that you will find the fees and required forms.

You can also perform the search by document number, but if you receive the error message it will mean that the document number is not registered and then you will resume the search by name.

Therefore, in this way you have access to the documents that are archived in the registry, then when you searched for and selected the entity, the page will redirect you to the one that has the details of the registry or the entity.

Register trademark

On www sunbiz org en espanol registration You can register the trademark of your company, whether it is a limited partnership, an unlimited liability company or a corporation.

Therefore, you have several search options in the registry, either by the name of the identity, by the agent or name of the registered official, by the name of the trademark, by the name of the owner of that trademark, by the FEI number and by the document number.

Even when you enter the website you can perform a search by a person’s name, you will search for them by last name, first name, middle name or by keywords because the record is indexed in alphabetical order and by clicking on the name you will get the information with the detail that the registry has about that business you are looking for.

What is Sunbiz in Florida?

Do you understand what it is Sunbiz in Florida, as it is simply a processing, search and online information center of Corporations Division of Florida for you to access the companies that were incorporated in the state.

In this way it allows you to access information with images and business data. When you have registered your company you will be able to download and print the copy of the business register.

Florida business registration

For him Florida business registration You can present or incorporate your limited liability company in the following Sunbiz Florida link. (

There you will find the LLC order forms, the foreign qualification order form, the registered agent form and the corporate kit order form.

If you need to present your foreign limited liability company, you will present the certificate of existence as long as it is not older than 90 days and authenticated by the official who keeps the records in the jurisdiction that corresponds to it by law.

Also keep in mind that if this certificate is not in English, you must accompany it with a certified translation under the oath of the translator.

For your presentation you will use the so-called authorization request for commercial transactions in Florida by your foreign limited liability company. You will complete the form and submit it with the required documents.

In the form you will write the name of the foreign LCC that you are filing, taking into account that the name will end with LLC, abbreviating company as Co. and limited with Ltd. if you prefer so that it is distinguished in the State Department registry.

If your company is not distinguished, you will adopt an alternative name so that it can be used in Florida and you will present a resolution or consent as a copy signed by the members or administrators who have adopted the alternative name.

How do I apply for a corporation in Florida?

If you want to know how do i apply for a corporation in Florida Before you start operations, you will comply with both state and municipal laws and regulations.

If it is a corporation, you will register the corresponding articles and if it is a foreign corporation without a parent company in Florida, you will open a branch or subsidiary or you will have a registered agent in the State.

Well, it will be the Department of State, the body in charge of making the inquiry about the name you propose to see if it is available.

You will have to pay the cost for services in addition to what corresponds for an advertisement in the local newspaper.

Keep in mind that the association of 2 or more people who join together in order to do business for profit as co-owners is considered as a Public Limited Company or Partnership.

The General Stock Company, the Limited Partnership It is the association of 2 or more general partners and also 1 or more partners with limited liability and almost no administrative control, and to say they may have a lot or a little.

How do I register a business name in Florida?

  1. You already thought about creating your company but you want to know How do I register a business name in Florida?It is very easy and you can do it without a social security number.
  2. First of all, you must choose the name you want for your business and verify that it is not used or found in the Florida corporation registry and if it is already registered you must choose another name.
  3. You need a physical address, not a PO Box or PO Section, and then you will decide the type of business you want to form, whether it is a sole proprietorship, a corporation, limited liability company, or stock company.
  4. In other words, you will have decided the legal structure of your company because the organization and responsibilities that you will assume such as paying taxes will depend on it.
  5. For example, if you want to open a sole proprietorship, you will have to pay $ 78.75.
  6. If, on the other hand, you decide to open an LLC, you will pay $ 125, because in general you can end up paying $ 150 in attorney.

How long does it take for Sunbiz to approve the LLC?

  1. You know how long does it take for Sunbiz to approve the LLC?, since it will begin its existence as soon as the articles of your company are filed and received by the Division of Corporations.
  2. If the effective date is January 1, the existence of your LLC company will begin on the following January 1 of the calendar year even though it is registered with the Division.
  3. For this reason, if it is formed between October 1 and December 31, you should avoid commercial transactions until the following calendar year and you will not submit the annual report form for the following calendar year on January 1.

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